Kick Start Your Career in 2015

Are you still looking in the newspaper for jobs?  It’s time to get into the 21st century and kick start your career search with Yallalist.  Yallalist has over 30 job categories to help narrow down your job search.  There is no easier way to find a job and apply.

yallalist jobs

No need to get overwhelmed with the applying process, just follow these helpful tips and tricks on building your resume properly.

  • Each job that you apply for, try and make your introduction paragraph direct to what the position requires.
  • Be specific in your previous job descriptions.  Don’t be too broad, show how you were an asset to the company.
  • Use action verbs, such as resolved, achieved, maintained, demonstrated etc.
  • Make sure your resume is clean and simple, no need to be fancy.
  • Most importantly don’t lie or embellish, be yourself.  If the job fits then you will most likely get it.

There is no better time to start then now.  Kick off your search –

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