Finding the Perfect Home

Finding the perfect home

Finding the perfect home is never easy, unless you are custom building the home of your dreams….. but that is most likely not the case.  There is never going to be a home that is perfect and checks all the boxes, don’t get discouraged.  Create a list of your top must have’s for your new home.  Don’t make it too long as you need to stay realistic for your budget sake.  I would say a list of your top five requirements is a good start.  You can splurge to your top ten, but I would say that is your max.

Start, by asking your self what you like about your current home and what you don’t like.  Think about what you can live with and what you can’t live without.  Once you have set a budget that you are comfortable with, it helps to search places that are in your price range to help give you an idea of what you can afford.  A great place to start is  It’s your one stop shop to all your property needs.  Another important factor is location, which plays a large role in price and might be an important factor on your top list.  A good tip to remember is sometimes you can get more bang for your buck living a few miles out from a top location.

Keep in mind this is going to be your new home!  Love it and have fun with finding the right place you can call home.

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