Tips on Buying a Classic Car

Nothing says classy like rolling up in a mint, classic car.  Theres just something about the uniqueness and charm that a classic car brings to the table.  Yallalist is a great online source for finding and or selling classic cars.

buying a classic car

Here are some tips that will help guide you in buying a classic car.

  • If you see rust, run.  It’s not that rust can’t be fixed…. it will just never be the same.
  • Make sure the VIN number matches the cars engine, transmission, and rear axle. A good investment car will have matching numbers.
  • Do your homework.  Make sure you do your research and know what you are looking for.  It’s pretty easy now a days, just use Google.
  • Keep in mind – the lower the production numbers, the higher the value of the car.

There is definitely more research and knowledge you need to know when buying a classic car then the regular automobile, but it is all worth it in the end.  Have fun with it and use your resources wisely.  Yallalist, classic auto category is a great place to start.