Get Fit or Get Out

It’s the new year and that means it’s time to get fit.  Most new years resolutions are in the realm of working out and losing weight,  which isn’t a bad thing…. It’s just sticking to it and  making it a lifestyle change not just a few weeks of working out and then never pulling out your running shoes again, until next year.

runner, get fit or get out

Don’t get overwhelmed.  Here at Yallalist we have a community of ways to help you create the new healthy you.

  • Check out the activities page, where you will find all types of activities that will keep you active and introduce you to other active people.
  • Join the community in classes, fitness and dance.
  • Take a peek at the sports page, if your the sporty type.
  • Another great option, if you like to work out at home is the classifieds, sports equipment page.  You can find great equipment at great prices. has exactly what you need for getting fit in 2015.  Tell us how you plan on getting fit?

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