DIY Project – How to Reupholster a Chair

reupholster a chair, DIY

DIY projects are a great way to take an old piece of furniture and give it life.  Take a look around your home, is there anything that looks like it needs a little tender love and care.  It’s also a lot of fun to purchase a used chair and reupholster the cushion. You can start by browsing through the classified section on yallalist, right from your computer.  When you are looking for a chair, just make sure the wood frame is in good condition.  The fabric is going to be replaced, so it really does not matter what or how the fabric looks.

Supplies Needed to Reupholster a Chair:

  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Marking pen
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun and staples, 3/8- or 5⁄16-inch
  • ½-inch batting
  • Upholstery fabric (about 5 yards depending on the chair)
  • Straight pins
  • Fabric glue, optional
  • Black breathable fabric (for underside of chair)

Let’s Begin:

  • Step 1: Start removing the fabric and old batting that is on the chair.  The needle-nose pliers will help remove and nails or staples that are holding the fabric down.  TIP: Take notes or pictures of where and how the current fabric is applied to the chair. You can also use this fabric as a template to the size and shape your new fabric.
  • Step 2: Cut and add the new batting to the chair by using the staple gun.
  • Step 3: Layout the new fabric.  Use the old fabric as your template.  Add an additional 2″ of fabric around the outer edge, this will be trimmed at the end. Use the pins to keep the fabric in place when cutting. TIP: If you are using a patterned fabric keep in mind where you want the design to start and stop.
  • Step 4: Place the fabric on the chair and start stapling.  Keep fabric taut and smooth when stapling. Trim excess fabric.
  • Step 5: Flip the chair over and cover the backside of the chair with the black breathable fabric, that will hide the staples.
  • Step 6:  YAY! You are finished.  Enjoy your new DIY reupholstered chair.


Jobs in Dubai

It’s never easy finding a job, and it’s never easy finding someone for the job. The good thing about living in the age of technology is you don’t have to go door to door dropping off your resume, and the employer can post a job quick and easy, on  The job market is booming in Dubai, which it great for all searching for their next opportunity.


Jobs in Dubai

Jobs in demand for qualified professionals in UAE:

  • Engineering (27%)
  • Business management (24%)
  • Commerce (23%)

Source: (The August 2013 Job Index survey)


Skills most in demand among UAE employers:

  • Good communication skills in English and Arabic (51%),
  • Good leadership skills (49%)
  • Good team player (45%).

Source: (The August 2013 Job Index survey)


There are many job opportunities in Dubai as well as a high amount of educated candidates.  Use your resources wisely. is a great source for all your job searching and posting needs.

Finding the Perfect Home

Finding the perfect home

Finding the perfect home is never easy, unless you are custom building the home of your dreams….. but that is most likely not the case.  There is never going to be a home that is perfect and checks all the boxes, don’t get discouraged.  Create a list of your top must have’s for your new home.  Don’t make it too long as you need to stay realistic for your budget sake.  I would say a list of your top five requirements is a good start.  You can splurge to your top ten, but I would say that is your max.

Start, by asking your self what you like about your current home and what you don’t like.  Think about what you can live with and what you can’t live without.  Once you have set a budget that you are comfortable with, it helps to search places that are in your price range to help give you an idea of what you can afford.  A great place to start is  It’s your one stop shop to all your property needs.  Another important factor is location, which plays a large role in price and might be an important factor on your top list.  A good tip to remember is sometimes you can get more bang for your buck living a few miles out from a top location.

Keep in mind this is going to be your new home!  Love it and have fun with finding the right place you can call home.

Tips on Buying a Classic Car

Nothing says classy like rolling up in a mint, classic car.  Theres just something about the uniqueness and charm that a classic car brings to the table.  Yallalist is a great online source for finding and or selling classic cars.

buying a classic car

Here are some tips that will help guide you in buying a classic car.

  • If you see rust, run.  It’s not that rust can’t be fixed…. it will just never be the same.
  • Make sure the VIN number matches the cars engine, transmission, and rear axle. A good investment car will have matching numbers.
  • Do your homework.  Make sure you do your research and know what you are looking for.  It’s pretty easy now a days, just use Google.
  • Keep in mind – the lower the production numbers, the higher the value of the car.

There is definitely more research and knowledge you need to know when buying a classic car then the regular automobile, but it is all worth it in the end.  Have fun with it and use your resources wisely.  Yallalist, classic auto category is a great place to start.

DIY Repurpose Furniture Ideas

Repurposed furniture is all the rage, and it’s budget friendly.  I love searching for unique pieces of furniture that I can either re-paint or use in a fun way.

DIY furniture

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

You have to let your imagination run wide.  I’ve seen people take ladders and turn them into a towel rack, or something as simple as painting an old chest with a fun bold color.  Don’t hold back, add a conversational piece to your home.  Yallalist is a great place to find furniture that you can easily repurpose, check out the classified section of the website.

Get some DIY furniture ideas:

There is nothing like putting your personal stamp on an item in your home. So get going….Put on your creative hat and start having fun turning an old piece of furniture into something new.


Nightlife in Dubai

Dubai has a wonderful nightlife scene filled with bars/clubs and restaurants, which makes it hard to choose where to go.  We here at Yallalist have created a community events page.  We personally filter through the nightlife scene for you and select the best clubs in Dubai. Each location we provide a brief description, address, club information, along with images we personally took, to help show you the atmosphere.

Nightlife in Dubai

Top Clubs in Dubai:

We are always searching for new nightlife locations to add to our on going list.  To stay up to date follow us on Instagram, where we post all the latest photos. We would also love to know your favorite Dubai Nightlife location, give us your scoop below.